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Selling your property?

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Home Reports. What are they?

Home Reports. What are they?

Selling Guide

First Steps

Arrange your Free Valuation and Marketing appraisal.

We offer a free, no obligation marketing appraisal and valuation that will fully explain and advise you on how to proceed to the marketplace based on your own particular circumstances and property. You may have a number of questions including:

  • What price you may expect for your home?
  • When is the best time to sell?
  • What is a home report?
  • Should I sell or buy first?
  • Where should I advertise?
  • How much will all of the above cost me?

We will discuss all your questions, queries or concerns in simple terms and in your own home at no cost or obligation. We firmly believe in explaining all costs to you upfront. We also believe that to obtain a sale your property must be sensibly priced, presented professionally to the marketplace and potential buyers competently dealt with by experienced and knowledgeable staff who have actually seen your property. No two properties are the same and sellers often have different circumstances. We recognise each property transaction is unique and we must tailor our package to suit the customer’s needs and not our own.

Marketing your Property

How will Tayside Property Online market my property?

At Tayside Property Online we offer a comprehensive marketing package. Once we have discussed your individual requirements and budget we present your property to the market in the following ways.

  • Free Internet online marketing on our Innovative Website
  • Professional Property Schedules
  • Eye-catching For Sale Boards
  • Press Advertising as required
  • Advertising in Tayside Solicitors Property Guide and Website
  • Online Search facility for buyers with Client Alerts
  • Online hosting of Home Report
  • Display in branch offices
  • Mailing List for Prospective Buyers

Home Reports

As of December 1st 2008 every home (with certain exemptions) must have a Home Report when placed on the market.

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Presenting your Home for the Market

You only have one chance to make a first impression. We won’t send the house doctor round but we can advise on the best way to present your home and the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of showing potential purchasers around your home. Should I redecorate my house before selling? Not necessarily if the décor is in decent condition anyway. It is true however, that houses presented to the market in a state of decent decoration, clean and tidy, and most importantly uncluttered, do generally impress buyers more.


How long will my house take to sell?

This is the question we are most often asked. The answer really is like how long is a piece of string? Timescales can vary dramatically from market conditions, location, individual sellers and buyers own particular sets of circumstances, time of year and so on. Usually we can give you examples of similar homes and the length of time they were on the market. We can’t answer this question but through regular contact and updates we will keep you in the picture as to how you sale is progressing and the prevalent market conditions which affect you.

Notes of Interest

What are notes of interest?

A note of interest is exactly what it says it is. The potential purchaser is notifying you that they have a serious interest. This is usually done through the potential purchaser’s solicitor and is registered on your file. This does not guarantee the purchaser will proceed to buy your property nor does it obligate you to sell your property to the note of interest. It does however mean that if a ‘closing date’ is set it they will be given a chance to offer along with other interested parties. Notes of interest are a useful method for us to monitor your sale and open up a channel of communication with the potential purchaser’s solicitor or professional advisor.

The Offer

Offers in Scotland take the form of letters from the buyers Solicitors offering to buy the property at a certain price with a certain date of entry and on certain legal conditions. We will contact you when any offer is received and advise you of the principal clauses in it, eg, price, date of entry and what extras such as carpets and curtains are to be included in the price. Sometimes these clauses are a matter for negotiation between the buyer and seller and if so we will handle this negotiation on your behalf. At a Closing Date however, where a number of offers have been received it is accepted practice that the price is no longer subject to negotiation although some of the ancillary clauses in the offer can be adjusted.

Once an offer has been received which in its principal terms is acceptable our sales staff will pass this offer to our ‘in house’ solicitor or your own solicitor who will deal with the formal legal conclusion of the contract and the subsequent conveyancing.

What is a Closing date?

If you have two or more notes of interest we may advise you to set a closing date if we are confident that the interested parties are in a position to make an offer. This is when the potential purchasers are asked to submit offers at an allocated time and date. You are not obliged to accept any offer at a closing date. Usually it is the highest bidder whose offer is successful at a closing date but it should be noted that other terms, conditions and clauses including date of entry may be a determining factor in which offer is successful.


Although most homes from 1st December will have a home report, some will be exempt and others may have been marketed from before 1st December, therefore a purchaser may still wish to commission a survey. It may also be that the purchaser’s lender will not solely rely on a Home Report and wish to instruct their own Chartered Surveyor. The surveyor will report to the prospective purchaser on the condition, market and mortgage value of the property and may recommend specialist reports such as timber, roof or structural.

After an Offer is received

Your solicitor now will contact you to discuss the various terms in the offer and issue normally what is called a "qualified acceptance". This acceptance will basically adjust any of the clauses requiring adjusting in the buyer’s offer. Normally there are about thirty legal clauses in offers and some adjustment is required as some of the clauses might not be acceptable for various reasons. A period of adjustment of the clauses between the buyers and sellers Solicitors now follows, typically taking a fortnight, although it can be longer or shorter. At the end of this a "concluded Contract" is achieved. In that contract a date on which the price is to be paid and the title transferred to the buyer is agreed.

Between the "concluded contract" stage and the date on which the price is to be paid or "settlement date" our legal staff will attend to all the documentation necessary for the transfer of the title. They will also deal with any loan over the property as in virtually every case all loans secured over the property must be paid off in full out of sale proceeds.

The Settlement Date

This is the date scheduled for payment of the price and transfer of the title. Normally the seller will require to have vacated the property by that date and will have handed over the keys to us. On the settlement date we receive the purchase price and in return for that we will deliver the keys and the documents of title to the purchaser. Except in unusual circumstances and by prior agreement with you the keys and title will not be delivered except in return for the full purchase price. We will repay any loan secured over the property and the account in full to you in respect of the money we have received and what we have paid on your behalf. A "State of Settlement" showing our full dealings with your funds will be sent to your new address.

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